Diode Laser Technology

Body hair is the matter of taste

For many people, body hair is far more than just a cosmetic problem. In some cases, facial hair or hairy back can have devastating impact on self-esteem. However, conventional methods of hair removal such as plucking, electrolysis or waxing are painful, time-consuming and always of limited duration only. Shaving stresses the skin, leaves stubble and must be repeated constantly.

The only real alternative is treatment laser or flash lamp.

The answer to annoying hair

Concentrated light energy tackles the problem of hair at its root. Our System are specialized for efficient and gentle hair removal. They may be used to treat larger skin areas such as back, shoulders or legs, or to selectively remove hairs from the face and underarm or bikini area. The application of light damages the root of a hair and stops the hair from regrowing.

Beautiful skin – quickly and gently

Hair removal by laser or flash lamp is performed on cleansed, shaved skin. Before and after the treatment, the skin is cooled to make the application almost painless only a slight pinching sensation on the skin to indicate that the hair follicles were successfully destroyed treatment time is restricted to few seconds or up to a few minutes depending on the body area treated. An area of 10 X 10cm, for instance, takes less than a minute.

Lastingly, tangibly smooth hair

Hair growth takes place in a cycle of growth and retesting phases. Pulses of light can only damage the root of hair during a growth phase. Therefore, several sessions are necessary to reach all hair roots effectively. It has been clinically proven that hair does not regrow at all or only very thinly after laser treatment.